domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Roles in Agile Team

Roles in Agile Team

In an Agile team, are two roles defined "customer team" and "developer team". The difference between them is basically the skills of each team.

The Customer team writes the stories that the developer team delivers. The testers are members of the
customer team, helping the customer express their requirements as tests.
This team also include business experts, product owners, everyone on the "business" side of a project.
The Developer team is everyone involved with delivering code. The programmers, architect, database administrators, system administrators are part of the team.Testers are also on the developer team because testing is a central component of agile software developement.

The Customer and Developer teams, work together with a commomn goal. They work to define requirements with test and examples and write the code that makes the test pass.
Testers understand the customer viewpoint as well as the complexities of the technical implementation. Some agile teams, don't have "testers" members but the experience with Agile teams has shown that testing skills and experience are vital to project success and the testers adds value to agile team.

domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Agile Testing Challenges

Agile Testing Challenges

. Team may not value to testers
. Testers may not value to team
. Unclear role of tester in the team
. Testing is often squeezed as deadlines approach
. Team may not have the skills or domain expertise to develop/test effectively

You can see an interesting video of Agile Testing, the name of presentation is Agile Testing: New Roles for Traditional Testers in Agile and have four parts, the duration of the videos are approximately 50 minutes.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Agile Testing

To talk about Agile Testing is necessary  knowing the principles and values of the Agile methods.The values defined in the Agile Manifesto are the following:
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

What do we mean by Agile Testing?
When we say "Agile Testing" we're usually talking about business-facing tests defined for the business experts.This include test the product and focus on discovering what might be lacking in the finished product to we can improve it.
Agile testing doesn't just mean testing on agile project. Some testing approaches such as exploratory testing, are inherently agile whether it's done an agile project or not.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

ISTQB Certification

The ISTQB Certification is monitoring and qualifying for ISQi, it is a German company with ISO 17024 and ISO 9001:2008.
The exam may be taken online in the web page of ISQi ( and the language could be Spanish or English. For the exam is not necessary take a courses but they are availables in Spanish and English.
The companies accredited for take a courses is named "Courses Provider". About Certifications levels, the ISTQB has three: FUndamental Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level.
The Fundamental Level is to Tester Engineer, Tester Analyst, Consultans, Tester Administrators and Software Developers.This level is to anyone that want to know a basic knowledgement of the Software Testing.
The Advanced Level is to people with profesional experience in Software Test or for anyone who wants to get an intensive understanding of Software Testing.
For the Expert Level not exist available information yet.