domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Differences between working in Traditional Team and Agile Team

Traditional Teams
. The Testing phase usually is at the end of life cycle.
. The testers can't control how the code was written or if the programmers tested their code.
. The development cycles were generally long and the time to testing phase is shortly.
. Traditional teams are focused on make that all specified requirements are delivered in the final product.
. Usually, if everything planned in the project isn't ready by the original target release date, the release is postponed.
. Individual programmers tend to specialize in a particular area of the code.

Agile Teams
. The testers work is throughout the development cycle and beyond.
. Agile teams are focused on the value they can deliver for the final product.
. Testers are focused to help the customers to decided on quality criteria for the product and write tests based in these criterias.
. Testers test each increment of coding as soon as it is finished.
. Programmers never get ahead of the testers, the story is not done until it has been tested.
. The whole team brainstorms ways to solve problems and improve processes and practices.
. In Agile projects, the testers have the quick feedback from testing.
.  Whole team takes responsability for all kinds of testing tasks and thinks constantly about designing code for testability.

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